The JP UP date: Illinois SBA Awards JP Microlender of the Year

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Illinois SBA District Awards Justine PETERSEN “Microlender of the Year” for 2019

For the third consecutive year, Justine PETERSEN has been recognized as “Microlender of the Year” for loan volume within the state of Illinois. Lashonda Fitch, who spearheads the Springfield, Illinois Microloan Fund, accepted the award this week at a reception held at the Union Club of Chicago.
In addition to the Springfield, Illinois region, JP deploys thousands of dollars in the Metro East of St. Louis, including East St. Louis, and throughout central and southern Illinois. JP is exploring an expansion of our lending efforts soon in the Peoria area. Total, Justine PETERSEN’s footprint in Illinois covers 73 counties.





JP Staff and Washington University Systems Dynamics Lab Explore Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Justine PETERSEN staff members in partnership with students from Washington University’s System Dynamics Lab conducted two interactive workshops examining Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) as a core commitment in JP operations and service delivery. The workshops focused on what the future of DEI would like at JP, beginning with the question: “How can JP identify and address existing components of the organization’s system that reinforce obstacles to achieving DEI.”






Impact Investing Panel Discussion Attracts Full House During Small Business Week

Justine PETERSEN’s annual panel discussion as part of Small Business Week of Eastern Missouri spurred lively discussion on the need to move local impact investing forward. Entitled, “Impact Investments and Local Businesses: Your money. Your return. Our Community,” panelists detailed currently what the local impact investing landscape looks like, but also offered foresight on what is yet to come. Moderated by Michael Howard, CEO of the YouthBridge Community Foundation, panelists Sarah Smith, Director of Mercy Partnership Fund, Clayton Evans, Senior Vice President and Community Affairs Officer with Simmons Bank, Stuart Zimmerman, Executive in Residence, Washington University, Olin Business School and Rochelle Bea, Founder and Director of Beginning Futures LLC dived deep into how impact investing is alive and well in the St. Louis area, but what needs to come next? A dynamic Q and A followed the panel, which carried over into the subsequent cocktail reception.



Shawna Collier of JP Participates in FCB Banks Realtors and Homebuyer Affiliates Meet Up

With their recently opened branch in North County, FCB Banks is committed to the acceleration of home ownership locally, most recently with a “Realtors & Homebuyer Affiliates Meet & Greet.” JP staffer Shawna Collier participated along with longtime JP partner Will Jordan of the Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council (EHOC). Both Shawna and Will have partnered with FCB Banks staffer Jeanine Murphy on advancing home ownership in the region.



JP Teambuilding: Prepare and Eat Gumbo!

Recently, JP staffer Mike Stahlberg slayed and satiated JP staff with his tantalizing gumbo – to the extent that it lasted an ephemeral 7 minutes after the broadcast email was sent to all staff announcing its availability. Here’s the kicker: it was Mike’s first time preparing the dish. Destination Top Chef!