The JP UP date: JP Assists Families with Illinois Hardest Hit Program

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Justine PETERSEN Assists 15 Families through Illinois Hardest Hit Program in Q1

JP staffers Fredrica Graham and Cait Baker have been busy this first quarter assisting Illinois families struggling with their mortgage. Through the Illinois Hardest Hit Fund Program, Justine PETERSEN serves as a sponsor organization, working in tandem with the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA). Fredrica and Cait have successfully closed assistance loans for 15 different homeowners since January 1.
The Illinois Hardest Hit Fund Program provides mortgage assistance to homeowners who have experienced a qualifying hardship event that has resulted in a 15% reduction in income. Qualifying hardships include unemployment, underemployment, medical conditions, disability, death of a spouse or title-holder and divorce/legal separation.
Assistance is in the form of a five-year forgivable loan with the requirement that the homeowner remain in the home for the next five years. This assistance allows eligible households to avoid foreclosures while they work to regain financial stability.



COCA Design Team Tours Greencubator in Prep for Upcoming April Performances

Center of Creative Arts (COCA) is teaming with Justine PETERSEN to present the inaugural event at JP’s Greencubator in mid-April 2019. COCA will offer four theatrical performances of the children’s book Seedfolks in JP’s new event space located on the second floor of the soon to be completed Greencubator. COCA is a St. Louis non-profit whose arts-based events, training and programming encourage people to see, think and express themselves in new ways.
JP is currently in the midst of a comprehensive rehab of the 25,000 square foot building, located on St. Louis’ north riverfront, which will house small business tenants Freddie Lee’s American Gourmet Sauce and Good Life Growing.




FCB Banks President and COO Mark Zavaglia Keynotes 11th Annual Evening with the EDC

FCB Banks President and COO and longtime Justine PETERSEN partner Mark Zavaglia delivered the keynote address recently at the 11th Annual Evening with the EDC. The City of Collinsville’s Economic Development Commission hosts the event annually, allowing attendees to learn about new incentive programs and development opportunities, as well as allow for ample time to network. Justine PETERSEN cherishes our partnership with FCB Banks and applauds Mark on his leadership and commitment to not only the City of Collinsville, but the region.




JP’s Cookie Monster

It’s that time of year again when Girl Scout cookies disproportionately constitute the daily diets of JP staff. Staff members supported various scouts by starting their day with Tagalongs, lunching on Do-si-dos and enjoying a break with Thin Mints. JP staffer Abiel was crowned this year’s “Cookie Monster,” tracking his consumption with a daily spreadsheet.