The JP UPdate: Courageously Communicating

Katie ArnoldThe JP UP date

Maryanne Dersch Leads JP Staff in 12 Month Journey of “Courageous Communication”

Maryanne Dersch is no stranger to Justine PETERSEN nor the JP brand. In fact, as part of the marketing firm 501Creative, Maryanne helped craft what the JP brand is today, and she’s back to promote our brand to our very own staff through her “Courageous Communication” curriculum. For the next 12 months, Maryanne will lead JP staff through a brand awareness and brand action experience that will bridge the origins of the JP brand to present day relevance. Maryanne just completed a national speaking tour for her new book “Courageous Communication: How co-dependence is making your nonprofit brand boring and what to do about it.” We’re excited to work with Maryanne over the next year, and we also welcome the opportunity to dance as part of her dynamic curriculum!




First Bank and JP Explore Future Capitalization Opportunities

First Bank does indeed live up to its moniker! First Bank was the first bank to invest into JP’s Emerging Markets Loan Fund, which is an innovative investment structure designed exclusively to assist CDFI’s in a capitalization strategy that ultimately builds equity on its balance sheet. JP recently met with Joe Ambrose of First Bank to discuss other potential next steps in how CDFI’s can attract capital.






Microloans are Blooming!

Spring is indeed in the air! Ladonna Lewis recently closed on a microloan for her floral business, “Mums and Roses Florist.” Please consider Ladonna the next time you order flowers – she delivers, literally and figuratively!






Thinking and Playing Outside the Box!

JP staffer Meredith Mallon and her 10-month-young dynamo Riley bring constant joy and reprieve to the daily rigors of the JP office. Fondly referred to as the “Chairman of the Board,” Riley forever reminds us to keep smiling!