Tiffany Wesley

Katie ArnoldSmall Business, Success Stories

Tiffany Wesley is the founder and 100% owner of the business. Pure Vibes, LLC is a personal care company that manufactures soaps, body butter, deodorants, and body wash. They plan to expand to laundry detergent and green household cleaning products in 2021.

Tiffany Wesley initially has been making personal care products as a hobby, but with increased demand, she has formed the company in February of 2020. Pure Vibes products are currently sold online via the website, and Ms. Wesley plans to keep it as e-commerce going forward.

The business has been significantly affected by COVID-19 as they had to shut down the company after the launch. Ms. Wesley ordered all of the raw material before the launch, and they had some losses during the first three months and started actual sales in August of 2020. The business currently operates out of Ms. Wesley’s home, based in her basement, and the company needs a manufacturing facility to scale the production.

Tiffany obtained a Community Advantage loan from Justine PETERSEN to help the business purchase all required equipment and tools needed for expansion. The working capital funds will allow the business to move to a new facility, cover OSHA Safety hazard, HR training and required commercial Insurance.