Atsushi Yamada

Katie Arnold Small Business, Success Stories

Incorporated in 2018 in New York City, CineVoce has harnessed the latest technology tools to produce high-tech, Opera performances.  CineVoce is the first 3D-mapped stage production company that produces opera masterpieces using the latest stage technologies. CineVoce’s productions include video projection, lighting design, costumes, cast, orchestra, and licenses its performance to promotors and venues.

CineVoce’s immediate 12-month plan is to tour China and Japan, which include global hubs for media and entertainment such as Beijing and Tokyo, with their opera production, generating revenue from Licensing and Artistic Service Fees.  CineVoce has signed a licensing deal with WeLOT, a Japanese production company, which partnered with Philharmonic Orchestra of New York and manages the world’s highest-level orchestra that supported NYCO for over 70 years, while developing productions for the orchestra and organizing their world tour. CineVoce will directly export to Japan and indirectly export to China through WeLOT.

CineVoce plans to actively explore the potential for international sales and to increase exports in Asia by developing five Operas in USA over the next three years and explore new connections in collaboration with the export assistance arm at the U.S. Department of Commerce, the International Trade Administration, to expand to other countries around the world.

Atsushi Yamada, founder of CineVoce, came to Justine PETERSEN in 2019, to get a loan that will allow the business to export and will strengthen CineVoce’s competitive position by allowing the firm to leverage the opportunity of being the only known company to provide this service by expanding to other countries. The permanent working capital of the loan was used to begin creating and touring its first production and allowed CineVoce to expand in to international markets, leveraging their existing partnerships in Asia, and building new networks and continue to fulfill orders to Japan and China. The loan funds were also used for day to day operations until the business received revenues from the shows, including but not limited to Legal and Accounting fees, staff contracted both in US and abroad for tour production and also to cover major promotion / marketing cost. The loan increased operations and marketing activities, while providing bridge liquidity to cover the gap between the expenses incurred for its Japan-China tour and receipt of the License Artistic Services income associated with the tour. As a result of receiving this SBA Ca2 Loan, CineVoce will have both a domestic and international economic impact.