Rebecca A. Mawuenyega

Katie Arnold Small Business, Success Stories

Rebecca A. Mawuenyega established Dellwood Pharmacy, LLC in 2019 in order to start her own Pharmacy. She came to Justine PETERSEN and obtained a Community Advantage loan that assist her to purchase an existing Pharmacy: Rohoboth Pharmacy’s, which has been in the community for 13 years and counting; however the current owner failed to implement important revenue and profitable services like immunization and Medication Therapy Management (MTM). She also used the loan to purchase required inventory, and working capital to cover all required start-up expenses.

Ms. Mawuenyega introduced multiple additional Clinical Services including Immunizations, MTM, Medication Synchronization, Diabetes Self-Management Education, Smoking Cessation, Free Walk In Blood Pressure Monitoring, Free walk In Blood Glucose Monitoring and Free Delivery Services. She created a great impact in the Dellwood underserved community with the current pharmacy desert that was created in this vulnerable community after the Ferguson events.